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105-106. Politiques de la nuit

Nighttime Politics and Policies
printemps/été 2017
Cultures & Conflits
218 pages - 23,50 €
ISBN 978-2-343-12713-2

Drawing on the analysis of a variety of social and political contexts (France, Russia, Senegal, USA) and on multiple ways of living or experiencing the night (night work, night fun, night “on the street”), this issue calls for and contributes to the development of a political sociology of the night. While its regulation is a matter of political struggle, the night is considered as a social time that structures relevant social relationships. As a time-space with undefined and moving frontiers, groups and authorities in charge of policing the night in addition to arbitrating between conflicting interests compete and invest in the night and its usages. Although the night is targeted by specific public interventions and is often the temporal period in which various transgressions occur, this issue of Cultures & Conflits puts great emphasis on the extent to which the night is, above all, revealing of political and social order.


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