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103-104. Ethnographies politiques de la violence

Political ethnographies of violence
automne/hiver 2016
Cultures & Conflits
218 pages - 23,50 €
ISBN 978-2-343-11087-5

The definition of political violence has been the subject of much debate, notably in the disciplines of political science and anthropology. It covers a vast spectrum of situations in which it may superimpose itself upon facts and for which the qualification, diverging at the mercy of actors and of memories, is itself political. In exploring lands near and far as well as both authoritarian and democratic political systems, the ethnographies presented in this issue analyze the complexity of power regimes beyond and parallel to categories established in political science. This issue aspires to enrich debates on the uses, effects and lived realities of violence by engaging an empirically based analysis of relations between power and resistance, obedience and consent, while equally taking into consideration the transformation of political subjectivities.


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